Terms of service

paypal only

All payments will be sent VIA paypal invoice, cashapp, or kofi! Tips are appreciated, but not necessary! Payment is sent after you confirm liking the sketch, I will not continue with your drawing until payment is sent. If theres any commission over 50USD we can set up a payment plan.


If I do not update you with any progress within 3 months with no prior warning, I will provide a full refund upon request. This is due to it being a mistake on my part. As payment is sent after I send a sketch however, I will not provide a refund for any other reason. Unless there is an error on my part, as stated, I do not provide any refunds. Please feel free to ask for clarification on this policy.


Payment is sent in full after I send you a watermarked sketch. This is where you may request any changes. For example, a different pose or inclusion of a detail. After I begin the lining process, no large scale changes can be made. (ex: a entirely new pose) Once it is colored, I will make changes only if it is something that I forgot that is key to that character. (EX: wrong eye color, missing pattern on skirt, etc)


Any artwork I complete for you may be posted to any other site as long as you do not claim that you drew the content. You must also properly credit one of my accounts with said image using a link/tag me.


I post all art I complete onto my social media platforms. Please notify me ahead of time if you would not like me to post it anywhere publicly so we can discuss what you would like done.


Sketch->line art->Coloring/shading. This process can take anywhere from 1 day to 2 months, depending on various factors. You will be notified of where I'm at in this process at all times. You are free to check in and view my art tracker here to see where your commission is at!


I will try my hand at just about anything, however I specialize in humanoid characters. Mechs, anthros, ferals, etc. are all good! I can draw OCs or characters from media. I prefer to draw characters with image references but I can draw characters with just a word base description too. I will draw lewd/suggestive-ish work as long as you and the character(s) are above 18. Any commission not listed within the price sheet can also be negotiated!


I will not draw anything that promotes hate towards any group (race, gender, etc) due to personal comfort. However I will attempt to draw whatever else you have in mind! I have the right to turn down any commission, please remember that there is another person behind the screen.

Feel free to message me for clarification on any of these rules!